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What is a "FairCoop Brussels local node" ?

Local Nodes are the regional representation groups and expansion of FairCoop on local level. They develop and broaden the regional network independently by promoting FairCoop tools to shops and individuals, giving technical support, holding presentations, answering all kinds of questions or even by starting their individual local nodes project within the framework of the FairCoop principles.

Our missions :

Dynamization of circular economy (merchants support)
Promotion of different FairCoop Tools
Managing a Point of Exchange (PoE)
Promote FairCoop values and practices to local projects
Construction of locally specific projects within the Faircoop ecosystem


Organisation of a node

  • Open assembly and consensus

    In open assemblies, the community decides on how to reach our common goals. Everybody can participate and make proposals for developments, changes, or projects to work on. When a proposal passes via consensus the respective proposal maker and the relevant working groups will take action. We organise both the global online meetings and the physical local node meetings in this way.


    The FairCoop ecosystem organises itself through Open Cooperativism. Everybody is encouraged to participate with their individual skills and ideas, and take proactive responsibilities, thus helping the movement grow. Based on our innovative collaborative working tool, the participants can either volunteer their hours or claim a remuneration in faircoin to cover their needs. In this way we reward those who are bringing real value with their work into FairCoop, and the value distribution is done in a fair and decentralized way.

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